Buy Tramadol UK

The internet continues to make shopping very easy whether you are purchasing clothes, televisions, toys for your children and even medicine. Of course, if you are planning on purchasing medicine online you should be sure to verify the seller and go through a credible source. How do you buy Tramadol online? Is there a UK licensed pharmacy or registered pharmacy for you to go through? What will the cost be? I recently bought tramadol from a licenced UK pharmacy, so here I will try to address those questions with hopefully helpful answers

Buying Tramadol Online – Finding the Right Source

I suffer from severe arthritis and tramadol helps me manage the pain more effectively than other medications I have tried. As I had no prescription, I needed a pharmacy that could provide that.

Overall, I was pretty impressed. The online consultation was rather long , and the doctor then did a follow up. So I had to login to their chat system and respond to that. At first I was somewhat frustrated by this, but then I was reassured. This is clearly the way that a professional online clinic should operate and it is quite different from some fly-by-night web site where you are rolling the dice with your health.

After this, the order went through like a charm and I had 230 capsules of 50mg tramadol delivered the following morning. The cost was €132, which included the doctor’s consultation and the next-day delivery shipping costs. Of course, I had to sign for it and there are various limits on how soon you can reorder. I would definitely recommend that you read their ‘How We Work’ page to understand the process. It takes awhile to read the information, but it helps a great deal as it is all very clearly explained there.

How and Where not to Buy Tramadol Online

When purchasing any medicine online it is important that the seller is not trying to sell you a counterfeit product. So you need to make sure of a few basic facts. For example, if you are a US resident then you can pretty much forget about buying tramadol from an Internet Pharmacy. Tramadol cannot be lawfully prescribed online in the US due to scheduling reasons and it is illegal to buy from a foreign pharmacy and get it shipped to the US. Moreover, you should avoid sites that agree to ship to the US because they are by definition operating illegally.

If you are a UK resident then the situation is quite different. Although there is currently a UK consultation paper under review examining a proposal to restrict the provision of tramadol by online pharmacies, at the moment it is quite legal for licenced UK pharmacies to provide tramadol to UK and even to EU residents. That said, certain EU countries, such as Sweden, block the import of prescription drugs from other EU members even when lawfully provided pursuant to a registered EU doctor’s prescription.

Of course, wherever you live you always have the option of taking a chance and dealing with an unlicenced, unregulated website that effectively operates outside the law. We would strongly caution you to avoid doing this. Tramadol is an immensely powerful narcotic medication and ordering online with no reassurance that you actually getting the right drug in the right strength is like playing Russian Roulette with a real loaded gun.

If you are EU based and especially if you reside in the UK then the situation is simple enough as you can find a number of online clinics that have licenced GMC registered doctors on their team and work with a registered pharmacy who fill the prescriptions and send the medications. Legitimate UK pharmacies and clinics like RXEpress can easily be checked as they display a small green logo that you can click on to check the related registration. If you don’t see that – run a mile.

Advantages of Online Pharmacies – Take the Time to Save Time

You will need to make sure you have some time available when buying tramadol online because you will need to answer all the information required such as your personal information and medical history. The online doctor may also ask additional questions. So give yourself enough time to do it properly. You don’t want to make any mistakes, and just think of all the time you are saving compared to a visit to doctor in person and then a follow-up trip to a bricks and mortar pharmacy.

In my case, the prescription I was issued and the shipping was all free, or rather included in the cost of the medication. Some other pharmacies charge a consultation fee or add shipping cost so be sure to look out for that.

Finally, when everything goes smoothly, make sure you keep a record of the site you went through to purchase Tramadol in case you need to re-order in the future.