How to Manage Back Pain

Have that agonizing pain in your back? You notice that it gets worse when the weather is turning cold. Or are you the person suffering from a sports injury, osteoarthritis or herniated disc and you’d like to know how to stop. How do you manage it so it doesn’t affect your quality of life and you can continue doing the things you love. Grab your pen and paper for these ways to help.

Easy Ways to Manage Back Pain

Calcium is essential for strong bones. Yet you also need vitamin K which is found in broccoli, spinach and other dark leafy greens. Don’t like the dark leafy greens, time to put those feelings aside because your body will like them and respond by helping your bones to get stronger in connection with the calcium. Furthermore this would also lower your chances of an injury which could cause back pain.  Weigh the pros and the cons. Why should you eat the leafy greens? What happens if you don’t? Before you are too hasty, consider your present condition.

Stop carrying heavy bags. Women need to start with their purse. There is no reason to pack your purse like it is a piece of luggage. Have you ever felt that should strap digging into your skin and at other times your shoulder hurts? That is because your purse is too full. Why not change and get a purse that has a longer strap which will help you carry it across your chest.

Posture, posture is next. Don’t slouch in your chair. The idea is to sit upright with your back against the chair and your feet directly on the floor. There are a lot of ergonomic chairs which you can lower up and down. If your chair currently doesn’t allow you to sit against it, maybe you should consider a lumbar pillow to aid your back.

Get ready for warmth. Another way is by applying a warm compress. Heat will do three things: (1) Relaxes your body;
(2) Increases your blood flow and
(3) Makes it harder for you to feel pain. You would be dealing with two different sensations and more than likely will only focus on one.

Medicine Route to Manage Back Pain

If you decide you need a medicine to manage your back pain, the common medications used are Tramadol which can be purchased online in the UK. It is one of the top medications for pain. Another medication to consider is NSAIDs. It is a fact most back pain have inflammation, so it makes sense to use an anti-inflammatory med such as NSAID in an effort to relieve the pain.  Most commonly ones used which you may have in your medicine cabinet are Ibuprofen, Naproxen, COX-2 inhibitors. Of course the one recommended is based on diagnosis, level of pain, your individual risk factor and what your experience has been with that particular medicine.

Another medication that can be used for back pain is Co-codamol which is a combination of two pain killing meds. It has three different strengths.

Effective use of Medications for Back Pain

With all medicines, you must follow the prescribed dose in order to get relief. Do what your doctor says so you can get the relief you need so you can return to enjoying your daily routine without that nagging pain.

With all medications you must look at what the side effects so you are aware up front before you take the medication and start having different symptoms shortly after taking the medications.

Whether you decide to take a natural approach or use medication to aid in reducing the back pain, know that help is available. Furthermore, even if you are taking medications, you may want to implement some of the natural approaches to help long term