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Phentermine is an anti-obesity medicine that helps in reducing weight in all those who cannot do so with the help of exercises or diet. It’s the top weight loss drug in the US. It helps in reducing appetite and is fully approved by FDA. You can get Phentermine capsules in 15, 30 and 37.5 mg descriptions. They are not only available on medical stores, but also on many online stores. The efficacy of Phentermine depends on several factors such as sex, age, mental behavior and physical conditions of the person. It reduces appetite and stimulates the nervous system. This helps in increasing the heart rate and blood pressure of an individual. This helps in increasing body metabolism resulting in expeditious burning of fat.

Actually, Phentermine is a kind of amphetamine that sends out signals to neurotransmitters that reach the brain. It helps in blocking hunger signals from the brain. This ensures that person stays away from eating excessively when taking this drug. This increases the lepton level and helps person in spending more energy thereby making person slimmer day-by-day. High doses of Phentermine may cause some side effects in a person. However, most of these side effects will remain for a very short period and once body get used to this medicine, all side effects will gradually reduce. However, if you are taking this medicine and the symptoms persist, you should immediately consult your doctor.

Precautions to be taken when you are using Phentermine to reduce your weight:
* You should store the capsules in air-tight container at room temperature
* You should protect them from heat and moisture
* You should strictly follow the prescribed dosages
* If you miss any dose, you should not take double dose next time as this can land you in trouble
* You should swallow the capsules with water and should never crush or chew them
* Don’t take Phentermine in evening as it can cause Insomnia. You can take it before meals twice a day. You should also drink lots of water everyday to flush out toxins from your body.
* You can get much better results by taking proper diet and by doing regular workouts
* People suffering from diabetes should take additional insulin dosage after consulting their doctor. You should follow all the above guidelines strictly to avoid any side effects and complications. Proper consultation and guidance right from the beginning will keep you on the safe side and you will get much faster results within a short time. Phentermine should not to be taken by all those who are suffering from high blood pressure.